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Family Dentistry in Universal City, Texas

Are you looking for a great dentist in the Universal City area? Look no further than Smile Workshop Dentistry & Orthodontics, your full-service Universal City dental office. This location has everything you need to manage your dental health or the dental health of your entire family. As a full-service dentistry, Smile Workshop Universal City has general dentists and specialty dentists under one roof. Putting aside your own dental needs because the kids need their checkups first? Smile Workshop takes care of the whole family in one location. Our Universal City location has not only a general dentist, but also a wide range of dental specialists, including kids’ dentistsorthodontists, and more.


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Services at Our Universal City Location

Preventive care, including regular cleanings, checkups, and x-rays, is an essential step in dental care. Our dentists provide preventive dental care so you can reduce the risk of developing serious oral health conditions in the future. Home care, such as regular flossing and brushing, is also an important factor of preventive care, supplementing your regular checkups and cleanings.

Bright, healthy smiles start in childhood. Seeing a specialty kids’ dentist near you is an essential part of your child’s health. Learn more about how the compassionate, qualified pediatric dentists at Smile Workshop can help your child enjoy a lifetime of oral health.

Diagnostic dental treatment gives you and your dentist a clearer view of your oral health. Dental x-rays will allow your Balch Springs dentist to assess dental and periodontal conditions such as small cavities, infection, and disease. Diagnostic treatment can be a part of your routine oral health check-up, or during the evaluation of specific conditions.

The whitening techniques at Smile Workshop include professional solutions that give your smile the clarity and color you desire. The teeth whitening treatments used by your Balch Springs dentist will far outperform whitening toothpastes and gels and give you brighter and longer-lasting whiteness.

Your Balch Springs dentist can use crowns and bridges to support and protect teeth that are small, weak, or damaged. Our crowns and bridges are made from cutting-edge materials that closely match your teeth to restore them to their normal size, shape, and function. Our team of dental specialists can work with you to find the best crown or bridge for your needs.

Not everyone finds going to the dentist to be a pleasant experience. We get it. That’s why the dentists at Smile Workshop Balch Springs offer the option of sedation dentistry. This method involves the use of medications, such as nitrous oxide, to help patients relax. These safe and effective sedation methods allow both children and adults to undergo complex procedures with minimal discomfort.

Fillings are one of the most common treatments performed by dentists today. Used mainly to repair cavities, fillings can also be used to protect a cracked tooth and prevent future cavities from forming. The fillings used at Smile Workshop Family Dentistry in Balch Springs come in the form of long-lasting metal amalgams or tooth-colored resins.

A simple extraction is a dental procedure during which your Smile Workshop dentist removes a damaged or decayed tooth. As its name implies, the simple extraction is a straightforward procedure that takes little time, but it can deliver long-term benefits for our Balch Springs patients.

Not every decayed or damaged tooth needs to be pulled. A root canal involves removing damaged material from inside the tooth, providing an alternative to extraction. This procedure can preserve much of the tooth’s structure and help our patients avoid bite pattern problems later in life or more complex interventions.

Dental issues don’t always happen on a convenient schedule. Issues such as tooth pain, cracked teeth, and swollen gums can all require emergency dental care. Smile Workshop Balch Springs is here for you at our when you need it, providing immediate dental treatment and some weekend availability.

If you have crowded, misplaced, or protruding teeth, your Smile Workshop dentist may refer you to an orthodontist on the Smile Workshop team. A specialty focused on the correction of misaligned teeth, orthodontics not only improves the health and performance of teeth but also enhances the appearance of the mouth, jaw, and face. Your Balch Springs orthodontist will work with you to develop your orthodontic treatment plan.

Keeping the tissues that surround and support the teeth healthy is as important as treating teeth themselves. Periodontics focuses on the health of your gums to ensure that your teeth and oral health are in the best condition possible. Whether you have receding gums, swollen gums, or another condition, a periodontist can be an essential part of the oral health plan developed for you at Smile Workshop in Balch Springs.

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