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Multiple Texas-based locations for the whole family, with dental services that will give you a reason to smile.

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Maintaining your oral health is our dentistry’s passion. Our dentists will show you the best way to go about maintaining your teeth and oral health.

We offer orthodontic services right in our offices for your convenience. A couple of minutes in one of our comfy chairs will greatly benefit your health.

Smile Workshop performs many dental cosmetic procedures to perfect your smile. We like to keep your smile going, so check out what we offer.

14 Texas-based locations so far. For 10 years we’ve been serving Dallas-Fort Worth, Amarillo, and San Antonio. Your perfect smile was never closer to you.


We know, it's more than teeth.

It can be difficult sometimes, dealing with affordability and uncertainty. We understand that, and that is why we make it easy for you and your family to have options when you visit us. Let us help take care of the whole family.