Why It’s Wise To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Summer | Smile Workshop Balch Springs
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Why It’s Wise To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Summer | Smile Workshop Balch Springs

Wisdom teeth, if not taken care of properly, can cause a lot of pain and issues. The summer season is the best time to get your wisdom teeth taken care of. Here’s the scoop from Smile Workshop Balch Springs about getting your wisdom teeth removed:

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are another set of molars in the very back of your mouth that grow in during your teens or early 20’s. Many people’s jaws do not have ample room for these teeth which can lead to pain, infection, overcrowding and damage to nearby teeth. An X-ray from your local dentist can show you the progress your wisdom teeth are making and if it is time to have them removed.

When Do I Need To Get Them Removed?

If your dentist does recommend removal, act quickly. The sooner the procedure takes place, the easier the removal and the recovery is. Recovery generally takes a few weeks and it is crucial to take care of blood clots and swelling in the first few days, so you’ll want to take that time off.

Why Get Them Out In The Summer?

Due to the importance of those first few days of recovery, the summer months are the best time for this procedure. Since most wisdom teeth removal patients are high school or college students, taking time off is much easier during summer break. Taking even a few days off during the school year can put your child behind in their classes, and can pressure the patient into neglecting recovery measures to get back to their daily routine. The best recovery is a relaxed one so don’t skimp on the amount of time you spend resting.

Having wisdom teeth removal early and during a period where you can take time to rest makes this summer the perfect time to get it done. Come visit us at Smile Workshop Balch Springs so can get the process started for you. Call or schedule an appointment today!

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