Why Smile Workshop?

At Smile Workshop, we work to serve you. As a family dentistry, nothing makes us happier than seeing you show off your chompers.  In fact, we love your teeth so much we opened a full-service dental emporium. We are your answer to any and all dental needs.

We employ some of the best dentists in Texas, and we are also the home of several orthodontistsoral surgeons and even a pedodontist.  When you contact us, we do not pass you off to a “specialist” across town like other dentists or orthodontists do. We believe we are the providers of the best dental results and make certain we thoroughly understand your needs and situation—not just one specific issue like the people other doctors refer you to.

Smile Workshop provides superior dental care and customer service while keeping costs low. No adult or child should suffer from a toothache or other dental issues. That’s why we accept Medicaid, CHIPs and PPOs. There are  eight Smile Workshop locations across Texas – one of our locations is bound to be near you!

If you or your child is in need of dental care – whatever it may be, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your nearest location. We truly can’t wait to see you smile!

-Smile Workshop