When is the Right Time to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Smile Workshop is a full-service dental office that offers patients wisdom teeth removal at all eight locations throughout Texas. Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? If you haven’t, talk with your dentist at Smile Workshop during your next visit or call to schedule a consultation today.

Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars that can seriously damage the rest your mouth. Some people’s wisdom teeth grow in without a problem, but the majority of patients have theirs removed to avoid future dental problems. Having them removed is an important dental decision. Every child should see a Smile Workshop dentist about his or her wisdom teeth by the age of 15.

All of Smile Workshop’s patients are unique. Some patients may require wisdom teeth removal because of dental pain, gum disease, tooth decay, damage to other teeth and even dental tumors. Smile Workshop will also recommend wisdom teeth extraction to patients as a preventative measure to protect previous orthodontic or cosmetic procedures.

If you need your wisdom teeth removed or have a child approaching the age when wisdom teeth begin to surface, visit Smile Workshop. Stay up-to-date with your dental health. Your mouth changes as you age. Regular visits to Smile Workshop can prevent future dental problems.

Call one of our eight locations (Dallas, Cedar Hill, Timber Creek, Balch Springs, Denton, Hurst, San Antonio and Amarillo) today to see if you should consider having your wisdom teeth removed.

-Smile Workshop