What To Expect From Oral Surgery
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What To Expect From Oral Surgery

It’s normal to feel uncertain and maybe a bit nervous about oral surgery. But knowing what to expect can help with those nerves and prepare you for what’s to come. Here’s what you can expect from oral surgery in Texas.

Types of Oral Surgery Near Me

What you should expect will vary somewhat by the type of oral surgery you have. Common types of oral surgery TX include:

  • A surgical tooth extraction
  • Corrective jaw surgery or other oral/maxillofacial surgery
  • Aesthetic procedures, such as dental implants or veneers

Once you know the specific type of oral surgery you’ll be getting, you can learn more details about it from your oral surgeon.

Consultation With an Oral Surgeon Near Me

You should be having a consultation with your oral surgeon, which gives the surgeon a chance to tell you more about what to expect. During this time, you can voice any of your questions and concerns. In addition to telling you about the surgery itself, the doctor will let you know how to prepare for it and what you may need to do after the surgery.


You may need to take steps in advance of your oral surgery. Your surgeon might tell you not to eat or drink anything for a period of about eight hours in advance, but this will vary by the procedure. Your doctor may also advise that you stop taking certain medications beforehand, but don’t do this before talking to a medical professional. Before you head to surgery the day of, take care of your oral hygiene and put on comfortable, expendable clothing. Avoid any accessories or makeup.

Preparation for After Surgery

You should prepare in advance for the recovery period after the surgery. For outpatient surgeries, set up transportation to have someone bring you home after surgery. Your doctor may prepare you by having you get antibiotics and painkillers before the surgery. Also, you should set up a comfortable space where you can rest and recover, and you may want to have another person who can help care for you during recovery.

Prepare to eat soft, bland foods after the surgery. Your doctor may have some recommendations on what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink. They should also advise you on how to take care of your oral hygiene during this period.


Plan to take a break from responsibilities and avoid social plans during your recovery time. You’ll need to let your body rest. Initially, you’ll need a chance to get over the effects of the sedative from the surgery. Then, you’ll need to help your body recover and heal.

During the recovery period, you should expect some pain, swelling and possibly bleeding. There are things you can do to help. Your doctor should give you ideas, which may include taking pain medications, using ice against your face and biting on gauze for bleeding.

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