What the Tooth Fairy Teaches Your Children

We love being a part of your family at Smile Workshop. One of the most rewarding parts of being your family dentist is watching your families grow, being a part of your children’s lives and witnessing them grow into adulthood. We hear all sorts of family stories, but one story that we’ve been hearing less and less of is the Tooth Fairy. Sure, it’s an old tale but it serves many great purposes for your kids. So Smile Workshop is taking a look at what the Tooth Fairy teaches your children.

  1. It teaches your children the value of a dollar.
    Typically, a child’s first experience with money and savings is the Tooth Fairy. By giving them this gift for losing their teeth, they begin to handle money and learn the importance of savings. Emphasize the importance of saving their money and the principle of “delayed gratification.”
  2. It makes the dentist a “happy place.”
    Some children are still fearful of the dentist. By reinforcing the reward system that losing a tooth means they earn money and get to see the dentist, a trip to Smile Workshop will be fun day! They’ll be ready to hop in the car and show off their missing teeth!
  3. It allows kids to be kids!
    Children enjoy fantasy and characters. By telling the story of the Tooth Fairy, much like Santa, they’ll have something to look forward to and allow their imaginations to run wild! That’s one of the best things of being a kid – using your imagination and enjoying the fantasy.
  4. The Tooth Fairy promotes good oral hygiene.

Promoting good oral hygiene in your child’s early years is essential. Making flossing and brushing normal, routine habits will not only help their developmental oral health but will create lifelong habits.

These are just a few of the reasons the Tooth Fairy is a valuable tool for child development! We hope to see your children soon and hear their Tooth Fairy tales!

–       Smile Workshop