What Fluoride Does for Your Dental Health

We’re all about keeping you happy and healthy at Smile Workshop. We provide a full array of dental health treatments, orthodontic procedures, and cosmetic dentistry procedures to keep you and your family at your best. One of the most common things we recommend is regular fluoride treatments, and many patients know it’s good for their teeth but don’t know why. This week, Smile Workshop explores what fluoride does for your teeth!

What is Fluoride?

 Fluoride is a mineral that occurs in all water sources, whether the source is fresh water or salt water. This mineral has been proven to help fight cavities in both young and older patients, and it protects and prevents tooth decay – even before the decay is visible. Fluoride has become the go-to tool for keeping patient’s teeth strong.

What Fluoride Does

There are two different ways fluoride helps your teeth. For children, fluoride enters the bloodstream when eaten or drank in small doses and becomes of part of their developing teeth. Fluoride can also strengthen the teeth from the outside, making acids less harmful to tooth enamel.

Direct applications of fluoride on the teeth help to speed re-mineralization, improving strength and defense against acids or harmful exposures. In-office treatments of fluoride by Smile Workshop are even strong enough to disrupt and stop the production of acids by bacteria.

How Can I Stay Healthy?

Smile Workshop’s biggest recommendation is to regularly have fluoride treatments done in our office and to use toothpastes with fluoride. We understand that it’s almost impossible to avoid acidic foods or sugary drinks, so the best defense is to have regular dental appointments and use products with fluoride to keep your teeth strong.

That’s all for this week, be sure to book an appointment soon and have your local Smile Workshop perform a fluoride treatment on you and your family soon!

–       Smile Workshop