What Causes Jaw Pain?

Smile Workshop is a family dental office that helps patients throughout Texas achieve positive oral health. Does your jaw ever hurt or feel sore? Jaw pain can be caused by several factors. Smile Workshop will work with you to find the exact cause of your pain.

When a patient comes in because of his or her jaw pain, a Smile Workshop dentist conducts a thorough dental exam. In order to find out the real reason behind a patient’s jaw pain, this type of dental exam may require x-rays.

Common Causes of Jaw Pain

–       Injury to the mouth

–       Infection

–       Toothaches

–       Sinus problems

–       Grinding your teeth (Bruxism)

–       Periodontal disease

–       TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems

Some of the Ways Smile Workshop Combats a Patient’s Jaw Pain

–       Root canal therapy

–       Prescribe patient muscle relaxants or other medication

–       Periodontal treatment

–       Tooth extraction

Smile Workshop can ease your jaw pain. Do you have a child who has complained about having a sore jaw? Smile Workshop can diagnose what is causing your child’s dental pain and get him or her on the road to positive oral health soon.

Are you worried about how you will be able to afford dental work? Don’t fret. Smile Workshop is an affordable dental office with eight locations throughout Texas (Cedar Hill, Dallas, Timber Creek, Denton, Hurst, Balch Springs, San Antonio and Amarillo). Call your local Smile Workshop today and schedule an appointment.

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