Wear Your Retainer to Keep Your Teeth Straight

Smile Workshop is a family dentistry that accepts Medicaid. Our teams of orthodontists fit and install retainers in our patients’ mouths everyday.

Getting your braces removed is always a fun experience. However, just because your braces are gone doesn’t mean you are done with orthodontic care. A Smile Workshop orthodontist will decide whether a patient’s mouth requires removable, plastic retainers or a permanent option. The orthodontist will make an impression of your mouth using trays and a paste. Once removed and dried the paste will form an exact 3D replica of your mouth.

Shortly after impressions are taken, your orthodontist will have a set of plastic retainers for you. You will have to wear the top and bottom retainers every day.  Follow the orthodontist’s suggestions for the optimal amount time you should wear your retainers. Wearing retainers can fell uncomfortable at first, but patients usually get used to them in a matter of days.

The road to a straight smile is long and expensive. A retainer ensures that your financial investment doesn’t go to waste. Wear your retainers every night and you will have the same perfect smile you had the day your braces were removed. Also, take care of your retainers. Store them in the box the orthodontist provides you with and keep them clean to avoid bad breath.

Do you or your child need braces? Smile Workshop’s orthodontists are experts at helping patients achieve wonderfully straight smiles. We can set you or your child up with traditional braces or Invisalign® invisible braces. Have you already had braces and are having an issue with your retainer? We can help you too! Smile Workshop has eight locations in Texas (Dallas, Cedar Hill, Timber Creek, Balch Springs, Denton, Hurst, Amarillo and San Antonio). Give us a call today and schedule a visit with a Smile Workshop orthodontist today!

-Smile Workshop