Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits | Smile Workshop Cedar Hill

[:en]Do you have dental benefits that you have neglected to use this year? You could actually save hundreds of dollars every year by using your benefits before December 31st. Most dental insurance plans run on a calendar year cycle and restart at the beginning of the year. It is important to know what type of plan you have because some run on a fiscal calendar instead of a yearly calendar. As your local dentist, Smile Workshop Cedar Hill has the scoop on why you should always use your dental benefits.

What Most Dental Plans Cover

Most dental plans run on what is generally described as the “100-80-50” plan. This might sound confusing, but it’s actually pretty self-explanatory. Most plans will cover 100% of the cost for routine dental work such as diagnostic work, checkups and cleanings. They will also cover 80% of the cost for most basic procedures such as root canals and fillings. Lastly, they will cover 50% of costs for major procedures, bridges and crowns. Most dental insurance plans will even cover pre-existing conditions, unlike their health care counterpart.

Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits

There are many reasons why you should use your dental benefits. First of all, at the beginning of the year most dental offices will raise their prices to reflect inflation in rent, equipment and materials. Since your dental problems will only worsen over time and eventually cost you even more money, it would be wise to take care of your problems at their start. Every dental insurance plan has a yearly maximum amount of money they will pay for your dental needs. If you aren’t taking advantage of your maximum, the leftover amounts will never rollover into the next year. These plans are not accumulative, so you are literally wasting money by not using your plan. Most dental plans will max out around $1,000.

You are already paying your dental insurance premium so even if you don’t have a serious dental problem, you should be taking advantage of the plan to cover check-up and examinations. Here at Smile Workshop, we recommend our patient’s visit at least twice a year to be examined for early signs of gum disease and cavities. Have you used your benefits? Make the most out of them by giving us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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