Treating Cavities with Smile Workshop

[:en] Treating Cavities is something we hope we never have to go through. Unfortunately, it is sometimes what is best for you and your teeth. We discuss cavities, the risks and what to expect.

Treating Cavities – What is a cavity?

So what exactly is a cavity and where does it occur? Well, a cavity is a hole in your tooth that forms from bacterial decay. When you eat and drink, bacteria feeds on the sugars that are found in these foods and drinks and the acids break down the outer layer of your tooth called enamel. Obviously, drinks like sodas and foods that are high in sugar encourage bacterial decay and we recommend limiting these.

Treating Cavities – What Are The Risks?

Once a cavity has formed from tooth decay, it can continue to spread deeper into the layers of your tooth. Once the possibility of spreading deeper is observed, you are at high risk of the bacteria infecting the nerves, as well as abscess’ and pus filled sacs forming. These symptoms are extremely painful and can also become life threatening if they are not treated.

Treating Cavities: How Are They Treated?

Depending on how far the cavity has spread, your dentist will usually fill the cavity hole with what we call a ‘filling’. A filling is essentially a type of material that fills the cavity hole and protects the tooth from any more damage, as well as restores the tooth. If your cavity is very large and has already created nerve damage, a root canal will possibly be needed. A root canal flushes out infection and replaces the pulp (the center of the tooth) with other material.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

Smile Workshop makes appointments as welcoming, friendly, and professional as possible. If you have an appointment for a filling, your dentist will most likely numb your mouth and remove all decay. It is a relatively quick and simple procedure and Smile Workshop will be happy to help you. If you are looking to book an appointment, find your nearest Smile Workshop location here.

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