Traditional vs. Invisalign Braces

With recent innovations and orthodontic procedures, we’re making advances to the point where these treatments are barely noticeable. The most notable is the Invisalign braces, which are the “clear” braces that aren’t immediately noticeable. These recent additions to the orthodontic family have been heavily debated against their co-part, traditional braces. So Smile Workshop is doing the dirty work and comparing Traditional vs. Invisalign braces!

Traditional Braces

This tried-and-true method of orthodontics is the hallmark for correcting alignment issues. Traditional braces have been used for decades because they are proven to work. The upsides are the guarantee that your teeth will realign because the studs are fixed to each tooth and may potentially be worn for less time than Invisalign braces. The downside is the possibility of cuts and scrapes on the inside of the mouth and the discomfort that may occur. These situations vary from patient to patient.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are the newer alternative to traditional braces and have gained popularity based on their transparent appearance. They’re nearly invisible, thus the name. However, Invisalign braces are typically better suited for patients in their late teens or adult years because they require lots of discipline to have any effect. While Invisalign braces may be taken out of the mouth, they cannot be out for too long or there won’t be any realignment. Of course, each case varies depending on each patient.

The Bottom Line

Ask your dentist at Smile Workshop which option is better for you. We know that each of our patients have different lifestyles and needs, and we make sure to take that into consideration when making any recommendations. We’re here to make sure you have your best smile.

– Smile Workshop