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[:en]People often associate proper dental health with daily brushing and flossing, but fail to consider the role diet plays in dental hygiene. Our teeth need some essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. At Smile Workshop San Antonio Sea World, we are very familiar with foods that help your smile. Here are our top dietary suggestions on how to improve your dental health:

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Getting the essential nutrients your teeth need to thrive plays an important role in dental hygiene. Calcium will strengthen your teeth, while vitamin D will help your body absorb the calcium. Minerals like potassium and phosphorous will also help improve bone density in your teeth. Vitamins A, C and K are all respectively essential for promoting overall dental health, strengthening your gums and preventing disease.

Best Vegetables for Dental Health

When choosing the right veggies for your teeth, you can’t go wrong with something green and leafy. Foods like spinach and kale will provide you with all of the vitamins your teeth need, with the exception of vitamin D. Portobello mushrooms will supply your body with vitamin D, but your body will naturally produce this vitamin when exposed to sunlight. Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium, and any variation of the potato will provide you with plenty of potassium.

Top Fruits for Your Teeth

Fruits are a bit trickier to choose for your dental health. Like other cavity-causing foods, highly acidic, sugary and sticky fruits should be limited in your diet to promote proper dental hygiene. Limit the dried fruit and consider how much fruit overall you consume. Even certain berries, pomegranates and citrus fruits can stain your teeth when eaten in excess.

Not all fruit should be avoided or limited though. Fibrous fruits such as apples can actually clean your teeth in more ways than one. Chewing the fibers can create a brushing effect on your teeth that can clean your teeth and stimulate your gums. While chewing, you will naturally produce more saliva, which will wash away bacteria and any food particles left in your mouth. This same concept applies to veggies such as celery and carrots as well.

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