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[:en]When thinking about your child’s health, do you think about their dental hygiene? While other health items are important to your child’s health, establishing dental health habits for kids early on is critical as it protects your child’s baby teeth and sets them up for a happy, healthy smile after their baby molars are long gone. At Smile Workshop Denton, we are very familiar with pediatric dentistry and recommend these steps for children between 4 months to 7 years:

Dental Health Habits for Kids 4 – 24 months

Establish your child’s dental routine as soon as their first teeth become visible, which usually occurs around 4 months. Remove harmful plaque and germs associated with tooth decay and gum disease by wiping your baby’s gums with a soft washcloth after feeding. Once their baby teeth fully come in, begin brushing their teeth with water and a soft-bristle toothbrush. By your child’s first birthday, schedule your baby’s first dental check-up with your local dentist.

Dental Health Habits for Kids 2 – 4

In case you missed our blog on how to take care of your toddler’s teeth, now is a good time for a refresher. At this age, replace old habits, like thumb sucking and using a pacifier, with positive routines such as regular teeth brushing.

Once your child understands not to swallow toothpaste, they can begin using a pea-sized amount of kid’s toothpaste in an effort to prevent cavities. Get them in the habit of brushing their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Remember to schedule your child’s regular 6-month dental checkups with your local dentist.

Dental Health Habits for Kids 5-7

Between ages 5 and 7, make sure dental routines stick. Double check that they aren’t swallowing toothpaste and continue to promote brushing for two minutes, twice a day in the morning and before bed. Upgrade your child’s toothbrush to one that is designed to reach back molars. Once two teeth begin touching, add flossing into your child’s dental routine. If your child struggles with flossing on their own, use floss holders or assist them with this step. Of course, don’t forget to schedule their regular 6-month dental checkups with your local dentist.

No matter your child’s age, make dental hygiene a priority. Interested in learning more about proper dental care for your child? Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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