Top Dental Friendly Holiday Foods | Smile Workshop San Antonio Sea World
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Top Dental Friendly Holiday Foods | Smile Workshop San Antonio Sea World

[:en]The holidays are undoubtedly the greatest time of the year for several different reasons. Family comes together, gifts are exchanged and the food is some of the best you will eat all year. A huge downside is that some of these foods can be harmful for your teeth, but are there dental friendly holiday foods that you can eat guilt free this holiday season? As your local dentist, Smile Workshop San Antonio has the scoop on the top dental friendly holiday foods.

Deviled Eggs

Believe it or not, deviled eggs will actually be a Godsend for your teeth this holiday season. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they are also rich in vitamin D and calcium. These are the essential nutrients for bone development and upkeep. They will strengthen your jawbone and teeth, while also serving as a delicious snack this holiday season.


With cheese being one of the most dental friendly holiday foods, there is a reason we say it when taking pictures. Cheese is an amazing way to improve your smile. While rich in calcium, cheese also has a low PH and antimicrobial properties. This means that cheese helps you clean your mouth by preventing bad bacteria and plaque from accumulating in your teeth.

Fibrous Vegetables

Do not fret if you forget to bring your toothbrush to holiday parties this year, plenty of fibrous vegetables can actually serve as a healthy temporary replacement. If you’re teeth are feeling gross after all of the sugar that is bound to be plentiful this holiday season, reach for a carrot or a stick of celery to freshen up your mouth. As you eat these vegetables, the fibrous texture will help clean the plaque off of your teeth. They will also help increase saliva production, which will help naturally reduce the bacteria in your mouth.

While there are plenty of equally important ways to celebrate the holiday season, everyone should be eating plenty of dental friendly holiday foods to ensure a beautiful smile when it comes time for pictures. Remember to schedule an appointment with your local dentist at Smile Workshop for your post-holiday dental cleaning. Need help knowing if your spread has dental friendly holiday foods? Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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