Tips From Your Family Dentist: Choosing a New Toothbrush

Okay, admit it. How long have you been using your current toothbrush? If the answer is well over three months, it’s time to get a new one. (It’s okay – we understand you are busy!) Next time you’re picking up groceries at the store, go a couple aisles out of your way and find a replacement brush. We are a family dentistry focused on keeping you confident with your smile.

Because there seems to be a hundred different types to choose from, you may feel confused or overwhelmed when shopping for a new toothbrush So we came up with some ideas to help you keep your smile looking sharp. Use these tips next time you are staring aimlessly at all the different toothbrushes to choose from:

• Choose a brush with soft bristles. You may be used to a rectangular, hard bristle, but those can wreak havoc on your gums and also cause enamel erosion. Make your gums and enamel (tooth’s surface) happy and brush with a round, soft bristle.

• Quick. What brand of toothbrush do you use? An easy way to remember your brush and to make your selection much faster is to take a note of what brand of brush and bristle stiffness you prefer on your phone.

• Always make sure the toothbrush you choose is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). There are several brushes that are not approved by the ADA. If you don’t see an ADA seal on the box, dentists do not officially recommend it.

• If you prefer using an electric toothbrush, you can find replacement heads for big brands like Oral-B and Phillips Sonicare at most major retailers. If you use a different brand, new heads are usually available online and can be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

• If you have always used a manual toothbrush, and the idea of switching to an electric one intrigues you, there are several entry-level models available at most major grocery stores.

The average cost of a good toothbrush is between three and five dollars. If you value the appearance and health of your teeth, replacing your toothbrush a few times a year is a small task. Your family’s dental health is very important to us and we continually strive to be your choice for dependable and affordable dental care.

-Smile Workshop