Top Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening | Smile Workshop Cedar Hill
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Top Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening | Smile Workshop Cedar Hill

[:en]If you’ve tried the teeth whitening systems you can buy at your local drug store, you know they don’t work very well. While they can make your teeth slightly brighter, it won’t be the jaw-dropping improvement you were hoping to see. The best solution for dull or yellowing teeth is professional teeth whitening from your local dentist. Here are the top benefits of professional teeth whitening from your friends at Smile Workshop Cedar Hill.

Professional Strength

The whitening agent found in teeth whitening systems is peroxide. The kits you can buy at your local drug store will contain around 3% peroxide and will only show minimal results. However, the professional teeth whitening specialists at Smile Workshop use a gel that contains around 35% peroxide, resulting in maximum teeth whitening. This gel will penetrate to the inner layers of your teeth and remove intrinsic stains as well as the stains on the outer layer.

Even Teeth Whitening Results

Since the kits bought in drug stores are DIY, the results end up being uneven most of the time. There is no good way to ensure all of the gel spreads evenly on your teeth, even with the whitening strips. The dental professionals at Smile Workshop are trained to spread the whitening gel on your teeth evenly and precisely.

Quick and Comfortable Treatment

More often than not, the DIY whitening kits will take several treatments to show results and cause pain from overuse. When you use the incorrectly sized trays or whitening strips, they can spread the whitening gel on your gums and lips as well. This will result in moderate to severe gum pain from overuse of the product. On the other hand, our professional teeth whitening only takes about 1 hour and will be relatively painless. We cover your gums and lips so that the gel is only affecting your teeth.

While the drug store kits may sound like a quick and easy option, you will not receive the results you are expecting. Even if you do, the results are only guaranteed to remain visible for a few months. Ours last much longer, and you can even pick which shade of white you want your teeth to be! Have any questions regarding the science of teeth whitening? Call or schedule an appointment today!

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