Teeth Whitening San Antonio

[:en]Yellowing teeth is a natural but unwanted phenomenon. Smile Workshop will have your smile beaming again. If you are looking for teeth whitening San Antonio, Smile Workshop is your specialist. Smile Workshop can have you smiling with confidence soon with our in-office teeth whitening procedure.

What is in-office tooth whitening?

In-office whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the country. Our professionals use special bleaching agents that are safer and more effective than the low-dose bleaches found in home-use whitening kits. Our whitening gels work with desensitizers to ensure a pain-free procedure that will produce immediate results. Best of all, professional application and supervision mean an in-office procedure is by far the safest whitening process available.

What causes yellowed or stained teeth?

¬ Food and Drink, especially coffee, tea, dark sodas and red wine.
¬ Age. More often than not it’s just simple wear and tear. The brightness of teeth diminishes as the enamel on your teeth wears over time.
¬ Trauma to the mouth (typically sports injuries) causes your teeth to produce more protective dentin, a darker layer beneath the enamel.
¬ Medications, including antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high-blood pressure medications can darken teeth as a side effect.
¬ Tobacco includes tar and nicotine, both naturally dark chemicals that can create particularly stubborn stains.

Yellowing teeth is a common and often frustrating experience. It does not have to be a problem anymore. If you are looking for teeth whitening San Antonio, look no further than Smile Workshop.

Thanks to our highly respected professionals and technically advanced equipment, teeth whitening is now an option for many people with sensitive teeth. Visit the San Antonio dentist that has everyone smiling. We’re conveniently located at the corner of Culebra Road and Lone Star Parkway, near Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts. Our physical address is 11282 Culebra Rd, Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78253.

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