Teen Dental Health with Smile Workshop

[:en]At every stage in life, our teeth go through different dental concerns. As a teenager, these dental concerns are very different compared to a toddler. For example, dietary and lifestyle changes can huge a huge impact on oral health. We explore three things that can impact teen dental health.

Lifestyle Changes

Being a teenager is often a time where lifestyles change regarding drinking and smoking. Smoking especially can have consequences on teen dental health. Smoking can lead to gum disease, tooth staining, tooth loss, and so much more.

Playing Sports

It’s essential for teenagers to wear mouth guards and correct safety equipment while playing sports, especially high contact sports. Wearing this protective gear will protect teeth from accidents, damage, and an expensive dental bill! If you or your teenager play football, lacrosse, baseball, or another sport, it is highly recommend to invest in an appropriate mouth guard.

Oral Piercings

Oral piercings such as tongue or lip piercings can have an affect on teen dental health. Aside from a potential infection, teeth are at risk of being cracked, scratched, and fillings can be damaged due to oral piercings.

If your teenager is experiencing any of these issues with their dental health, find your closest Smile Workshop and book an appointment. Smile Workshop looks forward to welcoming you and your family!

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