How To Take Care Of Toddlers Teeth


Teaching your family good dental habits while they are still young is imperative for their oral health later in life. Smile Workshop recommends introducing your child to dental care when they are toddlers so that they can make these practices part of their routine. We discuss how to take care of toddlers teeth in this blog as there are several things you will need to consider!

Make Dental Hygiene ‘Fun’

If you are a parent, you probably know that if things aren’t fun, your kids probably won’t do them. Making dental hygiene fun is the best start for your toddler. For example, let your toddler pick out their toothbrush! Many kids toothbrushes have popular cartoon characters that they will just love! You could also play music while you help your toddler brush.

Teach The Correct Motion

It’s super important to not only make dental habits fun but also teach them how to correctly brush and floss their teeth. One of the easiest ways to help your child learn the brushing motion is to place your hand over theirs and guide them carefully. They will learn this pretty quickly while they stand in front of the mirror. Flossing is, however, a slightly different story. At first, you should probably floss your child’s teeth yourself (very gently), and they will pick this up as they get more used to it.

Last But Not Least, Utilize Step Up Stools! 

Last but certainly not least, you should purchase a step up stool so your toddler can see what they are doing. It’s super important for your toddler to watch themselves in the mirror to learn these new habits.

Smile Workshop prides themselves on providing the best care for you and your family. If you would like to kickstart your toddler’s dental health, book an appointment with Smile Workshop today!

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