Top 5 Summer Dental Health Myths | Smile Workshop Balch Springs

[:en]It’s the season of outdoor adventures, cool beverages and sunny days, but can your summer routines have an effect on your perfect smile? While there are many myths about what is good and bad for your teeth, it’s not always easy to know what’s true and what’s not, but we are here to help. At Smile Workshop, we love discussing dental health, especially when it comes to summer dental health myths:

Can my teeth get sunburned?

This is one of the burning summer dental health myths you feel you already know the answer to, but then again, you still have to wonder. So is it true? The short answer is no, but with certain circumstances, sun exposure can cause damage to your teeth. Naturally, you would have to dedicate some serious time outside exposing your teeth to the sun, but if you’ve undergone any teeth whitening recently or have sensitive teeth, you may want to limit sun exposure. While the risk of sunburning your teeth is minimal, your lips are another story. So, when heading out into the sun, always be sure to apply lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.

Does dehydration affect my teeth?

It’s not something to drool over, but you definitely want to stay hydrated this summer. Dehydration can cause a dry mouth, which in turn can potentially cause some dental health issues. Without a healthy flow of saliva, you can get brittle teeth, increased cavities, bad breath, more easily stained teeth and have an increased risk for oral infections. So in case you haven’t already, go ahead and grab a glass of water for good measure.

Is chlorine from the pool bad for my teeth?

While chlorine is frequently used in pools to keep you safe from harmful bacteria, it can also affect the water’s pH balance. If too much chlorine is added, pH levels can cause enamel erosion on your teeth. Avoid damaging your teeth by brushing after swimming and keeping your mouth closed when in the water, especially if you’re swimming six or more hours a week.

Can I use my teeth as a bottle opener?

Like all alternative methods for opening something, it’s always best to keep your teeth out of it. Using your teeth as a bottle opener can cause micro fractures to your teeth, or worse, cause a chipped tooth. So, instead of making any sort of tooth sacrifice, let’s just stick to using an actual bottle opener to do what it does best.

Can fruits and vegetables help scrub my teeth?

Crispy and crunchy fruits and veggies can provide great benefits to your teeth this summer! Unless you have braces, snack on an apple or some carrots to freshen your breath and clean away plaque. Of course, don’t forget to brush and floss too!

Have you heard of any other summer dental health myths? As your local dentist in Balch Springs, we are more than happy share what we know when it comes to dental health. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us today!

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