Why Summer is the Best Time to get Braces | Smile Workshop

Why Summer is the Best Time to get Braces | Smile Workshop

Let’s be honest, braces bring on anxiety no matter what time of year. But, rest assured, there is a way to minimize those fears. Choosing the summertime to get braces from your local dentist at Smile Workshop is the smartest way to fight the fear that typically comes with all that hardware. Here are some reasons why:

Time to Acclimate

Without the constraints of a full class schedule, homework and extracurriculars, taking the time to adjust to the new feel of braces is made much easier and faster. This allows for the freedom to take the time adjusting to, not only the feel and tenderness, but to the new eating and hygiene habits that will make the most of your child’s experience, and even expedite the process.

Appointment Flexibility

Much of the advantage of summertime braces comes with the fact that orthodontics appointments can be scheduled at your leisure, making them less likely to be burdened by long waits, missed classes and grumpy patients. In addition, the first few appointments at Smile Workshop, where your child is fitted for braces, take the longest amount of time. Scheduling these in the summer allows for more peace of mind surrounding these appointments, where stress is typically the highest.

Summer Growth Spurts

Studies have shown that the most dramatic periods of rapid growth occurs during the longer, warmer days of summer. The best time for orthodontics, and especially braces, is during this period as it ensures your child’s teeth will grow more easily into the desired position.

Food of the Season

Traditional summer food is naturally well positioned for new braces! With snow cones, watermelon, sugar-free popsicles, your child will have a much easier time finding enjoyable meals and snacks that don’t seem to bite back during those first tender stages.

Taking on the task of getting braces may seem daunting, but choosing orthodontics in the summer from your local dentist at Smile Workshop is likely the most perfect fit for you and your child. For more information, give us a call or  schedule an appointment today!

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