Straws Are Important For Oral Health

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How often do you use a straw while drinking a beverage? Drinking through a straw offers several oral benefits. Here are some reasons you should use a straw more often:

Stay away from bacteria

How much do you trust the dishwasher at your local restaurant? Dishwashers don’t always eliminate all of the bacteria left behind on the rims of glass cups. Bacteria can also develop on a cup by simply handling it. By using a straw, you eliminate making direct contact with possible bacteria.

Avoid stains:

Did you know that using a straw can significantly help you avoid stained teeth? If you drink coffee, tea or other dark liquids you are at risk for stained teeth. When you drink any type of liquid without a straw, the amount of contact between the beverage and your teeth skyrockets. Think about it. When you use a straw, the liquid you are consuming bypasses your teeth.

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Protect your tongue:

Drinking hot beverages can lead to surprise tongue and mouth burns. Using a straw controls the amount of liquid you take in, leading to a smaller and less shocking sip. At the same time, patients with sensitive teeth may experience sharp tooth pain when drinking a cold beverage without a straw. Similar to the benefits of avoiding stains, less direct contact between a cold beverage and your teeth means less pain.

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