Spring Cleaning: 4 foods to eliminate from your diet

The seasons are changing in Texas and that’s got us thinking about spring cleaning at Smile Workshop! We’re already going through our homes and getting rid of unnecessary items, but all this cleaning has us thinking about our diets and the harmful foods we can do away with. This week, we’re looking at 4 foods to eliminate from your diet to make 2016 your happiest, healthiest year!

  1. Sugar
    We all know that sugar has been known to lead to cavities and we’re sure you’ve heard us tell you why you should moderate your consumption, but you may not know the actual effects. Sugar causes your mouth to produce harmful bacteria and acids that can not only lead to cavities, but also wear down the enamel on your teeth. Too much sugar can be the first step in a very long and painful dental process.
  2. Junk Food
    This one may sound obvious, but there’s actually a big reason why cutting out “junk food” is beneficial. Not only will junk food cause unintended weight gains and possible health problems, it lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals to fight off dental infections. Research has proven eating a nutritious diet fights off tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. Acidic Foods
    Sure, acidic fruits are delicious, but if eaten too often they can have serious ramifications on dental health. Just like with sugary foods, acidic foods can wear down tooth enamel and lead to decay. Smile Workshop recommends enjoying these in moderation for their high Vitamin C benefits while still being cautious of their possible harm.
  4. Oversized Foods
    That term may sound odd, but we consume more oversized foods than we realize. Burgers or French fries from fast food restaurants are typically much larger than we need. Oversized foods not only lead to more harmful bacteria in the mouth, they may be too large for our jaws to handle! Be cautious that your serving size is right for your dental and nutritional needs.

That’s all for this week, feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook page and let us know what foods you’re getting rid of for Spring Cleaning!

–       Smile Workshop