South Dallas Orthodontist

Do you or someone in your family want to have straighter teeth? Smile Workshop is a South Dallas orthodontist that can help you!

Our team of orthodontists will create an orthodontic plan that is custom to you. It’s something we do for all of our orthodontic patients. Operating like this allows us to tailor make you the perfect smile.

There are many different orthodontic services our patients go through over the course of treatment. Traditionally, a patient will go through a series of spacers, expanders, braces, headgear and retainers to gradually straighten your teeth.  However, some patients may be candidates for invisible braces.

Invisible braces are an increasingly popular form of orthodontic treatment for those with moderate orthodontic issues. Unlike traditional, wired braces, invisible braces are a series of clear, plastic trays. They are custom fit to the patient’s mouth and slowly straighten your teeth.

When should you get braces? 

Most children can start orthodontic treatment around the age of seven. This is when their permanent teeth are coming in. However, you’re never too old for braces. That’s right! Even adult patients can get treatment at our South Dallas orthodontist. You’re never too old to have a pretty smile!

Stop putting off the treatment you need! Our South Dallas orthodontists are located at 4390 Interstate 30, Suite 200, Dallas, TX, 75211. We’re in the Pinnacle Park shopping center, right by Lowes and Walmart. Come see us! Call us at (214) 333-9800 and schedule a consultation today!

-Smile Workshop