Soda’s Effect On Your Teeth

We hear all sorts of stories from our patients at Smile Workshop. Each of you have your own habits and sometimes these habits can be harmful to your dental health. One of the common habits we hear about is regular soda drinking. While it may just seem like a regular thing for you, soda can have serious effects on your dental health. That’s why this week, Smile Workshop is taking a look at soda’s effects on your teeth!

What soda can do

Soda, just like any other sugary treat, produces bacteria in your mouth that form acid. The acid attacks your enamel and can cause cavities or infections. This chain of events isn’t limited to regular soda; sugar-free sodas produce similar bacteria.

The effects on your teeth

The bacteria that’s caused by soda produces acid which erodes the enamel and can cause cavities.
Erosion begins when the acids produced from the soda interact with your teeth, specifically tooth enamel. Enamel is the protective layer on top of your teeth. The acids wear this layer away and make teeth more sensitive and susceptible to decay.
Soda continues to effect tooth health by interacting with the layer under the enamel called dentin. This damage can cause cavities and sometimes even worse. Continued exposure to soft drinks and sodas, coupled with poor dental hygiene, can result in expensive and painful results.

What to do

We know you aren’t going to change your lifestyle, so let’s be proactive about dental health. If you continue to enjoy sodas and soft drinks, be sure to brush regularly after. Make sure to use mouth wash to rinse away any residue from the soft drink and enjoy in moderation. Most importantly, stay regular on your dental appointments and vigilantly watch for any signs of deterioration. The sooner you let us know, the better the outcome for your teeth and your wallet.

Thanks for reading and keep brushing!

–       Smile Workshop