Simple Dental Habits To Improve Oral Health

[:en]World Oral Health Day is coming up (March 20th), and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore simple dental habits we should all use to improve our oral health. Our oral health is not something we should take for granted, and by incorporating these simple habits into our routine, we will be set with healthy smiles and mouths for life!

1. Regular Dentist Checkups

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but many of us don’t schedule regular visits to our dentist. Visiting the dentist is a preventative measure as they can detect cancers, cavities, and early signs of disease. Visiting the dentist now will save you huge amounts of money and time in the future.

2. Healthy Eating Habits

Do your research about foods that are healthy for your teeth. Staying away from sugar is always recommended due to the increased risk of cavities sugar can cause. Eating foods such as apples, carrots, greens, yogurt (no added sugar), just to name a few, are beneficial for your oral health. Stay away from foods and drinks such as candies and sodas.

3. Brush Your Teeth and FLOSS

Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes per session is the minimum amount of cleaning for a healthy mouth. Flossing your teeth is so important as it removes plaque and bacteria from in between your teeth. Brushes more often than not cannot reach into these places, so flossing is invaluable.

To start your simple dental habits today, schedule an appointment with the team at Smile Workshop. We look forward to welcoming you! To find out more about World Oral Health Day, please click here.

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