San Antonio Wisdom Teeth Removal

[:en]Wisdom Teeth Removal is a necessary process to avoid dental problems and to fix them. Smile Workshop is your San Antonio Wisdom Teeth Removal dentist. Smile Workshop prides themselves on the highest quality and care.

San Antonio Wisdom Teeth Removal – Do you need it?

Wisdom Teeth normally come in between late teen to early adult age (17 – 25 years old), and they are extracted to correct a problem or to avoid a potential problem. Some of the reasons why individuals get their wisdom teeth removed are:

  • Wisdom Teeth are impacted when they come in, resulting in getting trapped in the jawbone or gums. This is extremely painful for an individual.
  • Wisdom Teeth can often come through and push on other teeth resulting in crowding. Individuals who have invested in braces and dental work, normally remove their wisdom teeth to avoid crowding.
  • Individual may simply just have a small jaw and does not have room for their wisdom teeth.

What can you expect during Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Although Wisdom Teeth Removal sounds like a lengthy process, surgery typically takes around 45 minutes or less. Patients will receive local, IV Sedation, or General anesthesia to avoid pain during the Wisdom Teeth Removal process. Depending on your wisdom teeth situation, your dentist may have to cut into your jawbone to retrieve the teeth; this results in stitches for the patient (don’t worry, nowadays they are dissolvable!).

What can you expect after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Anesthesia has a huge part to play in how patients will be feeling after their Wisdom Teeth Removal. It is recommended after surgery to:

  • Use an icepack immediately to curb swelling. You can buy icepacks that strap around your entire head!
  • Eat soft food like soup, ice cream, and pasta.
  • Water, water, water!!
  • Take any medication your dentist has recommended.
  • Do not brush your teeth until day two.

What Not To Do:

  • Do not rinse your mouth too aggressively
  • Do not eat hard or crunchy foods
  • Avoid drinking through a straw (sucking can loosen blood clots that help the healing process)

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