Reverse Coffee Stains With Teeth Whitening | Smile Workshop Amarillo
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Reverse Coffee Stains With Teeth Whitening | Smile Workshop Amarillo

Coffee is everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up, but it can stain and discolor your teeth. Here are a few teeth whitening tips on how to undo coffee stains.

How to Prevent Stains

One way of preventing stains is to drink through a straw. Straws allow the drink to bypass the teeth and lessens the discoloring effect. Fruits are very fibrous and can help remove the stain-causing components from your teeth. In addition, drinking your coffee in one sitting rather than sipping all day keeps the staining components from sitting on your teeth for too long. Cream and sugar can expedite the staining process as well, so cutting back on those could help as well. Finally, make sure you brush right after your morning cup of Joe to keep the stain from setting.

How to Get Your Teeth White Again

There are many teeth whitening methods to choose from. Some of the most popular are charcoal toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening trays and UV lights. These methods can be purchased online or from your local drugstore. If you opt to use one of these methods, make sure you are doing your whitening at night before bed, and not eating or drinking again until the morning. The best methods however will be provided by your local dentist.

Seeing Results

It is important to remember that at-home teeth whitening methods will not show results overnight. It takes days or even weeks, so be patient and diligent. The only overnight results you will see come from professional whitening. It is also important to remember that all teeth whitening is temporary and stains will return with time. To keep your teeth white, simply maintain a healthy whitening routine.

If a food or drink can stain your carpet, it can also stain your teeth. Lucky for you, Smile Workshop can take care of it. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online to get your teeth whitening journey started!

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