How a Regular Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Smile | Smile Workshop Timber Creek
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How a Regular Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Smile | Smile Workshop Timber Creek

Food and drinks can cause plaque and other stains that build up and prevent your teeth from looking their best. Lucky for you, your semi-annual dental cleaning can fix this and improve your smile to be the brightest it can be. Here’s how Smile Workshop Timber Creek recommends you can improve your smile without any complicated procedures or discomfort:

Regular Brushing and Flossing

While brushing after every meal is ideal, brushing twice a day will help improve your smile by preventing plaque and other stains from building on your teeth. In addition, flossing daily will keep your gums clean and looking healthy. Avoid drinking beverages that can stain your teeth can help as well. For example, routinely drinking wine, coffee or dark-colored sodas can dampen the whiteness of your teeth. Simple healthy oral hygiene habits are the simplest and easiest way to keep improve your smile!

Plaque Buildup

No matter how good your dental hygiene habits are, no amount of brushing and flossing will prevent plaque and tartar buildup completely. Fortunately, your local dentist can easily take care of this during your regular dental cleaning. Tools specified for plaque removal are used to gently scrape unwanted substances from your teeth painlessly. This quick process will leave your teeth smooth and clean.

Teeth Whitening and Polishing

After excess plaque has been removed, your teeth can be polished and whitened. Also painless, your dentist can optimize the whiteness of your smile to remove stains from what you eat and drink. This polishing procedure can also help prevent future plaque buildup from happening as quickly.

Improving your smile is simple and can be done during your regularly scheduled dental cleaning twice a year without any complicated or intimidating procedures.  Give Smile Workshop of Timber Creek a call or schedule an appointment today to let us keep your smile shining bright!

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