The Best Ways to Pull Baby Teeth| Smile Workshop New Braunfels
Six year old girl holding her milk had fallen lower front teeth on a string

The Best Ways to Pull Baby Teeth| Smile Workshop New Braunfels

[:en]Losing baby teeth is something that everyone has to go through at some point in their life. They start falling out around ages 6 or 7 and generally fall out in the same order in which they grew. Pulling a loose baby tooth can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. As your local dentist, Smile Workshop New Braunfels has the scoop on the best ways to painlessly pull baby teeth.

Wiggle the Tooth

One of the best ways to pull baby teeth is also the way that feels most natural. Children have a tendency to want to wiggle their loose baby teeth anyways, so this is a great option for removing teeth. When a tooth is ready to fall out, it will feel loose and will be able to move back and forth in its own socket. Have your child use their tongue or clean fingers to wiggle that tooth out of their mouth. Be careful not to pull baby teeth that are not ready to be removed. This is when the teeth pulling process becomes painful.

Eat Hard Foods

Eating hard foods can be another way to naturally pull baby teeth. When you eat something hard and crunchy, such as an apple, carrot or celery stick, your loose baby teeth can become stuck in the food and come out naturally. This is a great way to pull baby teeth because it is so painless that you hardly even notice that the tooth has been removed.

Use Floss To Pull Baby Teeth

A fun way to pull baby teeth can be to tie a piece of floss around the loose tooth and pull until it comes out. It is not recommended that you tie the floss to a door, and then slam the door for tooth removal. If the tooth is not ready to be pulled, and is yanked from your child’s mouth mouth, it will cause a great deal and pain and create an open wound in your child’s mouth. Be sure that the tooth is ready to be pulled before trying to pull the tooth.

If your child has a tooth that is being stubborn and does not want to come out of their mouth, it is important to visit your local pediatric dentist at Smile Workshop. Our team is professionally trained to expertly pull teeth without causing any pain or creating open wounds. Remind your children to practice proper dental health techniques to ensure a healthy mouth through the tooth removal process. Have any more questions regarding pulling baby teeth? Call us or schedule an appointment today!

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