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[:en]With school back in session there are lots of extra-curriculars your student is participating in, but none as popular as fall athletics, specifically full contact sports. As your child heads out to practice, now is a perfect time to think about how to protect your athlete’s teeth. At Smile Workshop Hurst, we know plenty when it comes to taking care of your student athlete’s smile:

Protect Your Athlete’s Teeth With Mouth Guards

If there is one thing we cannot stress enough, it is the importance of making sure your student wears his or her mouth guard during practice and games! Without it, your athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer harm. Additionally, mouth guards help lessen impact that can cause broken teeth, jaw injuries or cuts, and they can also reduce the rate and severity of concussions.

Certain sports require mouth guards, but it doesn’t hurt your athlete to wear one no matter the sport, especially is they have braces. When getting your sports star a mouth guard, make sure it fits correctly and pack a spare in his or her gym bag. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will be a lot more uncomfortable if your athlete were to suffer an injury!

Keep Your Athlete Hydrated Without Hurting Their Smile

Instead of packing a sports drink for your athlete, fill up their water jug. Sugars in sports drinks can actually create cavities over time, thanks to the acid that the sugar in sports drinks produce. Try adding some flavor to water with a little bit of lemon and cucumber if plain water doesn’t suit your athlete.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like his or her normal sports routine, it’s good to make sure your athlete is sticking to their dental routine. In fact, teeth that aren’t taken care of are more likely to be damaged if a sports injury occurs. Keep teeth strong and healthy by brushing them twice a day for two minutes, flossing regularly and rinsing with mouthwash.

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