Poolside Snacks Great for Dental Health | Smile Workshop San Antonio Alamo Ranch

[:en]With summer in full swing, it’s no surprise to find people poolside for hours, but what pool day is complete without some refreshing snacks? When packing a bag or cooler for the day, skip the sugary drinks and super salty foods and opt for some summer snacks that are tasty and great for your family’s dental health:

Keep Things Fresh

The most important thing to remember when spending hours in the sun, besides applying sunblock on the regular, is to stay hydrated. While drinking water is important, you can also snack on fruits and vegetables mostly made up of water. Celery, apples and watermelon will keep you and your family feeling refreshed without an overly full stomach. Mix things up, like creating fruit kabobs, watermelon pizza or spreading peanut butter on celery and apples.

Sugary Drink Alternatives

We’ve mentioned before the negative effects soda can have on your teeth. Avoid cavities by skipping sugary drinks like soda and even some juices and sports drinks that weaken tooth enamel. Instead, try infusing water with various fruits and vegetables. Try strawberry and kiwi or cucumber, melon and lemon for a restorative, yet satisfying taste that will quench your thirst. If infused water isn’t your thing, try natural fruit smoothies or natural fruit popsicles, or the ultimate combo, a natural fruit smoothie popsicle.

Add a Little Crunch

While sweet alternatives are great for your dental health, you may be craving something salty with a little crunch. Potato chips are filled with starch that can get stuck in your teeth and lead to plaque build up. Try various nuts, like peanuts, almonds and walnuts, which actually strengthen teeth and improve saliva production. Another great alternative, unless you have braces, is raw carrots and yogurt (with or without the dill). And if you must have chips, just remember to take extra care that day when it comes to flossing!

At Smile Workshop San Antonio Alamo Ranch, we value taking care of your dental health, and that includes helping you with what foods are best for your teeth. We hope we’ve given you great food ideas to snack on, but if you need more, call or schedule an appointment with us today![:]