How Pacifiers Affect Teeth | Smile Workshop Pediatric Dental Care
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How Pacifiers Affect Teeth | Smile Workshop Pediatric Dental Care

[:en]Watching your child suck on their pacifier or thumb as they gently fall asleep is one of the most heartwarming parts of being a parent. Children use this as a way of calming themselves down, and sometimes even develop the habit before they are born. Continuing on with this habit for too long can lead to dental health problems that will require a bit of pediatric dental care to correct. Most experts agree that thumb and pacifier sucking habits should be broken by the age of 4 to ensure no dental health problems occur as a result. Here is all of the information you need to know about the negative effects of pacifiers from your local pediatric dentist at Smile Workshop.

Jaw Misalignment

Vigorously sucking on a pacifier or thumb past the age of 4 can cause your children to have misaligned jaws. The degree of severity relies heavily on how intensely your child sucks on their pacifier. Some children just place it in their mouths while others are far more aggressive. The more aggressive pacifier suckers tend to develop what is known as an “open bite.” This is when your back teeth touch when you bite, but your front teeth are misaligned.

Tongue Problems

Aggressively sucking on a pacifier can also lead to problems with how your child rests their tongue. Many children who suck on their thumb or pacifier past the age of 4 will force their tongues to naturally rest at the bottom of their mouths instead of the roof. This can lead to breathing problems, as they will start breathing with their mouths open instead of through their nose.

Proper Pediatric Dental Care

Your local dentist at Smile Workshop Hurst will check for signs of these problems during your child’s routine dental checkup. Your pediatric dentist is trained to catch these problems in their earliest stage, which is when it’s easiest to correct any issues that may have developed. Be sure to help your child practice the top dental health habits for kids to ensure optimal dental health throughout their childhood. Want to learn more about pediatric dental care? Call or schedule an appointment today!

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