Orthodontist in Cedar Hill

How long have you been looking for an orthodontist in Cedar Hill? We can help you and your children with braces and all other dental treatment.

Choosing the right orthodontist for your child is important. There are many in our area who will try and overcharge their patients. At Smile Workshop, we never overcharge a patient for orthodontic or other dental services. We promise to provide your family with quality orthodontic treatment at an affordable price. We only use the latest dental technology and tools on our patients.

Do you have a child who has teeth that are growing in crooked? If this is the case, you should visit an orthodontist to help your child. Braces and other orthodontic treatment will fix crooked teeth.

It’s important to not ignore a child’s crooked teeth. Braces will fix future oral health problems like jaw alignment, speech problems and gum disease.

Smile Workshop isn’t just an orthodontist in Cedar Hill. We’re a full-service dental practice. We can help you with virtually any dental problem. From general dentistry to orthodontics, all the way to cosmetic procedures and oral surgery, Smile Workshop has your family covered.

Our orthodontist in Cedar Hill is located at 638 Uptown Blvd, Suite 100, Cedar Hill, TX, 75104. Help your child grow up to have a perfectly, straight smile. Give us a call at (972) 299-9666 or book your appointment online.