Oral Health During Pregnancy

Oral Health is a vital part of life. Did you know that during pregnancy, it is even more important?

Due to the hormonal changes that women experience during this time, your oral health can be greatly affected. Women are more likely to develop gingivitis, which can cause swelling and tenderness. Left untreated, gingivitis can affect the supporting tissues that hold your teeth in place. Be sure to monitor your oral health during pregnancy.

Sometimes, lumps appear along the gum line and between teeth. Although these swellings are usually harmless, they look red and raw. They also bleed easily. Even though these are referred to as “pregnancy tumors,” they are not cancerous. They will usually go away after pregnancy, but can also be removed under a local anesthetic.

Visiting Smile Workshop during pregnancy is imperative. Our dentists will provide you with oral examinations and professional teeth cleaning.

It’s important to make sure your dentist is aware that you are pregnant! In the case that Smile Workshop needs to prescribe medication, we will want to be sure to avoid certain drugs.

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