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Top Signs of Oral Cancer | Smile Workshop Forney

[:en]Did you know that the earliest signs of oral cancer are usually mistaken for other problems, such as a cold or severe toothache? Finding the root of these problems can be difficult on your own. Chances are, you are not trained to detect the earliest signs of oral cancer like a dentist. While it is important to understand some of these early signs, it is vital that you see a dentist for a routine check-up every six months to be positive. Here are the top signs of oral cancer from your local dentist at Smile Workshop Forney.

Red or White Patches

If you notice red or white patches anywhere on the inside of your mouth, this can be a sign of something serious. While these are generally just mouth sores, or canker sores, sometimes these patches can become infected and lead to oral cancer if left untreated. There are other illnesses that these patches could indicate, but it is important that your local dentist examines them. As with any disease, catching it in its early stages will lead to a quicker recovery time.

Difficulty Swallowing

Sometimes, oral cancer can make it quite uncomfortable for you to swallow food or drinks. It can cause a severe burning sensation when trying to complete these everyday, essential tasks. At times, it might feel like food is sticking to the back of your throat, and sometimes it will feel like your windpipe is narrowing.

Changing Voice Due To Oral Cancer

Due to the fact that oral cancer can severely affect your throat, it can also cause extreme changes in the way you speak. The timbre of your voice can become more hoarse like you have a sore throat. It is important to note that a persistently sore throat is also an indicator of oral cancer. This type of cancer can also lead to speech pattern problems and problems pronouncing certain words.

A Lump in Your Neck

If you notice a lump in your throat, you should always have it examined by a doctor due to what this could mean. These enlargements are generally your lymph nodes becoming more swollen than usual. If your lymph nodes become swollen, and then gradually diminishes to normal size again, it is probably a sign that you have an infection.

Oral cancer is considered a form of neck and head cancer. This means that it is generally treated like other forms of neck and head cancers. The most important indicator of oral cancer is also the most obvious – an ulcer that has persisted in your mouth for a long period of time. This is a huge red flag for this type of cancer. The causes of gum disease can generally lead to forms of oral cancer, so it is also important to study those causes and how to prevent these diseases. Have any more questions regarding the signs of oral cancer? Call or schedule an appointment with your local dentist at Smile Workshop today!

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