Northwest Highway Dentist

Are you currently in need of a Northwest Highway dentist? Check out Smile Workshop! We’re affordable and conveniently located!

Our office in North Dallas is located in the Timber Creek Shopping Center, right off of Northwest Highway and Skillman. Have you had a chance to visit us? Don’t wait until you have a dental problem to see us. Future dental issues are easily avoidable with routine dental checkups

Did you know that we’re a full-service dental practice? Families in North Dallas love this about us! We make it possible for you to get all of your dental treatment under one roof. Yes, this means you will get your teeth cleaned in the same office as you have orthodontic, endodontic, pedodontic, cosmetic and several other types of dental treatment. We’ve eliminated the need of driving all over town for different types of dental service.

Are you nervous about maintaining your positive oral health? Follow this simple checklist each day:

Make sure you brush your teeth for at least two full minutes each morning. **Bonus tip: rinse your mouth out with mouthwash after brushing, this should help eliminate bad ‘morning’ breath.

If you can, brush your teeth immediately after eating your lunch. If you work an office job, keep a toothbrush in a drawer at your desk. If you find yourself on the road a lot for work, stow a toothbrush in the armrest of your car. 

Before going to bed, it’s important that you brush, floss and rinse! Don’t skip any step.

Don’t put off dental treatment any longer than you already have. Schedule an appointment at your Northwest Highway dentist! Our office is located at 6243 Retail Road, Suite 100, Dallas, TX, 75231. We’re in the same area as Walmart and Chick Fil A. Our phone number is (214) 368-3384. We can’t wait to meet your family.