How to Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits

How to Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits

Insurance can be extremely confusing, but Smile Workshop is here to make sure you know how to make the most of your dental benefits.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance isn’t really insurance, but more of a “prepaid plan” to help afford dental care. For the most part, these “prepayments” will cover your twice-a-year cleanings at your local dentist, but you may have to pay extra for more extensive work.

Types of Coverage

With a PPO, you’ll pay your monthly premium, but your insurance won’t kick in until you have reached your deductible, which is usually pretty low. There is also a maximum amount of coverage, but it is likely your limit will not be reached with only regular checkups. For more extensive work, a PPO will provide discounts, depending on the procedure at hand. With an HMO, you will not have a limit or a deductible to your coverage, but you will have a copay for every procedure that takes place. Fewer dental offices accept HMO, though, so you may have to search around a bit more for one that does.

Dental Networks

Regardless of if you choose a PPO or HMO, staying in your dental plan’s network will always save you money. In the case of HMO, you may not receive any coverage outside of network. For PPO, some coverage will be provided, but not as much as an in-network dentist. You can always call your local dentist to see if they are in or out of your plan’s network.

Spread Out Your Procedures

If you need more extensive work than regular checkups, try and spread the procedures out if at all possible. In general, dental plans renew yearly, so if you have used up your benefits for the year, try and postpone your next procedure until after your plan has renewed, that way you are not paying more for dental work than necessary. Your Smile Workshop dentist can help you in scheduling your procedures strategically and can inform you what work needs to be completed soon and what can be put off for a later date.

Smile Workshop will help you make sense of all your dental benefits. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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