Local Orthodontist

Are you looking for a local orthodontist? The search is over. Smile Workshop is right around the corner and is the local orthodontist you need!

We can provide you with an array of orthodontic services. Smile Workshop specializes in both traditional and Invisalign Invisible Braces. The good thing about Smile Workshop is that we’re full-service and follow the American Dental Association’s best practices. That means you can get orthodontic treatment at the same dental office you get your teeth cleaned (we also perform cosmetic procedures and oral surgery for patients). Smile Workshop makes achieving great oral health possible—all under one roof.

Does your child have crooked teeth? Orthodontic treatment can fix his or her problem. A local orthodontist would love to help you and your family.

Not sure about where we’re located? We have a local orthodontist near you! Our orthodontists are in Denton, North Dallas (Timber Creek), Cedar Hill, South Dallas, Balch Springs, Hurst, Amarillo and San Antonio.

So what are you waiting for? Give our main phone number a call at 1 (888) TEETH-04. We’ll set you up with an appointment at your local orthodontist. You can also, book an appointment online in seconds!

-Smile Workshop