Learn More About Zoom Quick Pro!

We’re all about making our patient’s lives easier at Smile Workshop. We offer convenient hours at multiple locations to ensure that you can fit your appointment around your busy schedule. But this year, we’re offering a service that’s fast, affordable, and on many of our patient’s minds – faster, painless teeth whitening. This week, we’re helping you learn more about Zoom Quick Pro!
Zoom Quick Pro is a  revolutionary new whitening product that is a game changer in the whitening market: Zoom Quick Pro is a whitening varnish that only takes 5 minutes to apply in one of our Smile Workshop locations and whitens on average 4 shades!

1.  There is no sensitivity with this product! It is ethanol-based so it evaporates quickly and does not penetrate deep into the pulp, causing sensitivity. This is a huge difference compared to many other whitening treatments on the market that involve harsh chemicals and lighting systems that may deteriorate the enamel on patient’s teeth.

2.  Now everyone we see is a candidate for whitening! After a cleaning, one of our Smile Workshop dental hygienists can whiten your teeth while you wait just five minutes to see your doctor!

3.  We understand you’re busy. It seems like our days continue to get more and more full, and that means a good appointment with us is a fast one. With Zoom Quick Pro, you don’t have to schedule another appointment to whiten. You can just add this to their regular visit and be done with it in just five minutes!

4. The results speak for themselves! Next time you stop by, ask your dental hygienist or doctor how well Zoom Quick Pro works – they’ll be happy to show you before and after photos of just one session!

Call us today or book an appointment online! It takes just five minutes to get your smile 4 shades brighter!

– Smile Workshop