Keep Your Smile Safe on Labor Day | Smile Workshop Universal City
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Keep Your Smile Safe on Labor Day | Smile Workshop Universal City

Labor Day is coming up, and it is important that you make sure your teeth are safe while you are celebrating! Here are a few tips from Smile Workshop Universal City on how to protect your teeth during this holiday.

BBQ Sauce

We know barbecue is the go-to meal for Labor Day, but that BBQ sauce can be bad for your teeth. Generally this sauce contains a lot of sugar which can get into your teeth and begin building up bacteria. We recommend that you go easy on the sauce or skip it altogether if you can.

Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are present in almost all processed foods. Sodas, packaged food and those frosted sugar cookies everyone loves so much all contain plenty of artificial dye. These dyes can not only stain your teeth but can also eat away at your enamel. Try to avoid these dyes and stick to all natural foods and colorings this Labor Day.


Soda is as bad for your teeth as anything. It contains artificial caramel coloring and is also loaded with sugar, just like the BBQ sauce. It can discolor your teeth and erode your enamel. Other beverages will be better on your oral hygiene as well as your general health. Especially in this Texas heat, water may be your best option.

Chipped Teeth

We know Labor Day mishaps may happen, but Smile Workshop has your back. If you happen to chip a tooth during your holiday festivities, call your local dentist immediately. If you can not immediately get into your office, avoid hard foods and rinse your mouth with salt water until your dentist can see you. Depending on the severity, we can fix your chipped tooth with a filling, crown, veneer or root canal.

Smile Workshop Universal City hopes you have a fun and safe Labor Day! Contact Smile Workshop to set up an appointment today!

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