Is It Safe to Visit During COVID?

Is It Safe to Visit During COVID?

During the pandemic, many people are asking whether it’s safe to visit the dentist, or whether it would be better to delay routine care. We want to assure you that visiting the dentist is very safe. Sterile, safe working spaces are an everyday requirement for providing dental care. During a pandemic, our attention to safety remains strong as ever.

While the CDC recommended closing offices early in quarantine, new information and safety protocols have assured that patients can safely visit the dentist to keep up with oral health. Taking care of dental problems early and handling regular health check-ups are vital steps in protecting your overall health. We have a series of protocols in place that drastically cut the chances of transmission. These protocols are in addition to our normal safe and sterile practices.

You’ll still receive the same great service that you always have from our dedicated team. However, to ensure the safety of our team members and every patient, we implemented the following practices. Paying careful attention every step of the way means a safe and convenient visit.

Before You Arrive

1. Wear a face mask.

We require all patients to put on face masks before arriving at our practice. Consistent mask usage protects both the wearer and the people who they come in contact with.

2. Complete ALL forms online.

All the forms you need for treatment — including our new COVID-19 disclosures — can be found on our website. Feel free to call with questions if any come up while you are filling out our online forms.

When You Get Here

3. Text or call to let us know you’ve arrived.

This way, we can check you in remotely, reducing the time you spend inside our office.

4. Prescreen at the front door.

We meet all patients at the front door for COVID-19 prescreening. We’ll take your temperature and ask a series of screening questions.

5. For safety, come alone.

As part of our enhanced protocol, we are not allowing companions to come along with patients during appointments. Fewer people entering our practice means lower risk for every patient.

During Your Visit

6. Mind social distancing rules.

Stay at least six feet from other patients.

7. Wait for your appointment safely.

We are working to keep everyone safe and to keep your appointments as convenient as possible. You can wait in your car for your appointment and we’ll text you when your room is ready. Or, if your room is ready when you arrive, you can wait for our team members in your own room, away from other patients.

By following all of the prescribed steps, we can ensure that you and our staff can safely attend to your dental health needs. Don’t wait to get the care that you need. Call to schedule an appointment today.