How Important Is Drinking Water For Oral Health?

[:en] Drinking water is obviously one of the most important and crucial things you do for your body and your health. Water hydrates your system and distributes healthy nutrients, makes your skin glow, gets rid of waste, and benefits your muscles. So how important is drinking water for oral health? It’s actually very important, and not many people know that. We discuss the benefits of drinking water for your oral health below.

1. Water strengthens your teeth

Drinking water with fluoride strengthens your teeth and in turn, helps prevent cavities. Swapping out sodas and sugary drinks, like juice, for water is so beneficial for your teeth (and your children’s!). Studies also show that children who drink water with fluoride have fewer cavities compared to children who drink water without fluoride. Interesting!

2. Fights Dry Mouth

Tooth decay occurs when we have low amounts of saliva. Saliva is the number one fighter against tooth decay; the second is water. If your mouth is dry or running low on saliva, drink that water like no tomorrow!

3. Keeps Your Mouth Clean

Our day to day food runs havoc in our mouths. Sodas, sweets, juice, and more leaves coats of sugar on your teeth creating acids that eat away at your teeth’s enamel. Next stop: decay! Drinking water helps flush all this unwanted bacteria and creates a healthy environment for your teeth.

SO – how important is drinking water for oral health? VERY! We hope we have convinced you to drink more water!! If you would like to schedule an appointment with Smile Workshop, please click here.

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