How can cosmetic dentistry improve your smile?

How can cosmetic dentistry improve your smile?

It’s time to brush up on what you know about cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers  numerous options for improving your smile. Some of these might be surprising for you to learn about because of exciting advances indentistry. 

Better oral health

If you’re like many people, when you hear the phrase “cosmetic dentistry” you think of procedures that aren’t necessary for a person’s oral health. Instead, they are focused primarily on making your smile look better. 

Cosmetic dentistry is more versatile than that though. It can be used by your dentist to address a number of dental issues that can also improve your overall oral health.

For example, cosmetic dentistry can address jaw alignment issues that could make it difficult for you to speak effectively. Tooth bonding is another cosmetic dentistry service that can help maintain the health of your teeth. If you have an uneven gum line, cosmetic dentistry such as gum contouring can help correct it. 

Make your teeth whiter

While everyone knows that good dental care is important for your overall oral health, having a bright and white smile is a goal that many have. Unfortunately, as you age you might notice that your smile isn’t as white as it used to be. Every time you eat or drink staining foods and beverages , your teeth can become discolored. Tea, beets, red wine and coffee are just some of the common culprits that can affect your teeth. 

Your first thought might be to head to your favorite store and purchase an over-the-counter bleaching product. You might find the results of these to be less than you hoped for. Because these products aren’t nearly as strong as the bleaching sessions offered by dentists, you’ll get better results if you come to the professionals- like us here at Smile Workshop. 

Increase the strength of your teeth

It’s true that cosmetic dentistry’s goal is primarily to make your smile more attractive. In the process of doing so, many of the services also improve the strength of your teeth as well. 

A classic example is using a crown to cover up an unsightly cracked or chipped tooth which can make you reluctant to smile. Once the crown is in place, your smile improves plus your tooth is stronger.  It’s less likely to suffer breaks or chips in the future.

In addition, the crown covers that area of the tooth that could allow bacteria to enter. This reduces your chances of getting an infection. 

Better alternative to dentures

For missing teeth or those that must be pulled, you might think dentures are in your future. Though they are the traditional method of teeth replacements, dentures can create problems of their own. 

For one, they can slip around in your mouth, causing you embarrassment while you’re talking. Dentures can also make it difficult to talk and eat your favorite foods. Because dentures replace only what’s seen above the gum line, the roots that lie below your jawbone no longer have the support they need. This can cause your jawbone to deteriorate. 

Dental implants could be a viable alternative to dentures. They replace the missing tooth with a full crown that’s attached to a post. This post is installed into your jawbone and helps prevent bone loss. 

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