Holiday Foods To Avoid This Christmas

[:en]It’s that time of year again, and our taste buds are about to be catapulted into holiday season goodness! Although our taste buds will be in heaven, our teeth and gums need some extra loving this holiday season to make sure we are keeping them in their healthiest condition. Don’t get us wrong; we will be devouring so much food this season, but we have also put together a list of holiday foods to avoid this Christmas (if you can help it!). If you fall off the bandwagon, be sure to book a cleaning with Smile Workshop after the season is over. Happy Reading!


Y’all we are sorry this is the first on our list but it had to be said! Fat and sugar are the most harmful ingredients in eggnog as once they sit on the teeth for awhile, the first steps to decay begin. All we can say is, all in moderation people! If you can’t avoid eggnog, brush your teeth straight after, please!

Candy Canes

Again, the level of sugar in these things is unreal! When sugar coats the teeth and stays there for a long time, bacteria forms and decay starts to occur.  The solution? Brush and floss your teeth daily and try to avoid candy canes as much as possible.

White Wine

Although white wine is just delicious, it is recommended to choose red or another type of beverage in place of white wine. The reason? White wine is highly acidic and wears enamel away from teeth a lot quicker than reds. Choose wisely people!


Just kidding! Get your gobble on this Christmas! If you are looking for more holiday foods to avoid this Christmas, head to the American Dental Association.

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