The Harmful Effects of DIY Braces | Smile Workshop San Antonio

[:en]Who doesn’t love DIY projects? There’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve accomplished something on your own, especially if it’s at a lower cost. But when it comes to your teeth, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals, especially when it comes to DIY Braces.

While Youtube is filled with great content and helpful tutorials, people are watching videos that teach them how to make their own braces, and it couldn’t be more dangerous. Stay in the know, and help keep your kids’ teeth healthy by finding out all you need to know:

How DIY Braces “Work”

The most common DIY method has people wrapping small rubber bands around their teeth that they want to fix. In an attempt to close any gaps, especially the front teeth, people tie rubber bands around their teeth in hopes to shift their teeth closer together. This amount of pressure is supposed to deliver results in as little as four weeks, but little do they know, the long term underlying damage this can cause.

Why DIY Braces Are Bad

Taking matters into your own hands instead of seeing a trained-professional can not only be painful, but costly as well. Bad outcomes can range from lingering problems to complete tooth loss, and the price to repair the damage ends up costing more than the price of braces.

The issue with the DIY braces method is that teeth are being moved at a much faster pace than your teeth can handle, which will cause damage to the bone and gums. If teeth are positioned incorrectly, this could also throw off your bite, creating additional damage and wear on your teeth and cause issues with your jawbone in the future.

This method can also cause irreparable damage. If not properly secured, rubber bands can travel up into the gums and pull the teeth too close together. This in turn can destroy roots, causing the death of your teeth.

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