Get Your Athlete A Mouth Guard

Smile Workshop cares about your family. We want to provide you with information to keep your child or “weekend warrior” safe. Does your child participate in organized sports on weekends? If so, it is beyond important for him or her to wear a mouth guard while playing their sport. Mouth guards protect a lot more than just your teeth. They help prevent concussions, future oral/cosmetic procedures and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.

Full contact sports like football, hockey and lacrosse require all young children playing to wear a mouth guard. In these sports, a mouth guard can be the difference between an emergency situation and a routine play. Although a mouth guard greatly reduces the risk of dental and brain injuries, it is impossible to completely remove the risk from these games.

Just because your child doesn’t play a full contact sport, doesn’t mean they are safe from concussions and dental problems. Baseball, soccer and basketball players are constantly putting themselves into dangerous athletic positions too.

Over the past few years, mouth guard companies have made tremendous technological strides with their products. Today, there is a diverse range of mouth guards available at most sporting good stores. Almost every mouth guard can be sized to precisely fit your mouth.

Smile Workshop’s team of dentists and orthodontists are very knowledgeable when it comes to suggesting mouth guards. Ask your dentist or orthodontist about the type of mouth guard that best fits you or your athlete today.

-Smile Workshop