Food Your Family Dentist Suggests for Healthy Teeth

All your life, you’ve heard that eating sugary sweets and drinking soda is bad for your teeth. Chances are you’ve never stopped mid-meal and actually thought about it? Smile Workshop is a family dentistry that wants you to avoid any type of dental problem. Here’s a list of foods that are actually good for dental health and will keep your smile looking sharp:

Cheese is great for your teeth. It is very high in calcium and easy to chew. WebMD believes cheese helps protect and rebuild tooth enamel. It’s high levels of calcium and phosphorus help to restore what acidic foods and beverages strip away from teeth.

Tap Water
Drinking tap water throughout the day is a smart way to keep your teeth strong because of the fluoride it contains. Fluoride helps protect your teeth from cavities and fights off signs of decay.

Not all crunchy food is good for your teeth. However, some foods like peanuts can be beneficial to your teeth and gums. Eating peanuts stimulates the amount of saliva your mouth produces. This idea can be a little gross to think about. All you need to know is the more saliva you produce while you eat– the better. Saliva helps prevent the acidic material left behind by other foods from causing cavities.

Green Tea
Most forms of tea contain sugar and can stain your teeth if you drink too much. With that said, green tea is quite good for your teeth because of a natural antioxidant found in it. This antioxidant helps eliminate plaque (which causes cavities and bad breath).

It is true eating onions will give you bad breath. However, once you brush your teeth, the smell will be gone. Onions contain antibacterial sulfur compounds that terminate bacteria harmful to your teeth.

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-Smile Workshop